Sunday, May 14, 2006


Thursday March 25th

MODESELEKTOR (BPitch Control) with
JAN JELINEK (~scape Records)
Live Thursday, May 25th @ 9pm 
$10.00 in advance via PayPal, 12 USD at the door

at the world-famous Enormous Room
567 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA

Limit 4 Tickets per purchase. Your name will be on the list at the door. Please be prepared to give the names of your guests upon arrival or, naturally, bring them along with. Due to the cost of this program, there is no guest-list. When we sell out, that button will be gone.

Buy at the Buy Now button below:

The alloted tickets for this event have been sold. There will be some available at the door however. You might want to come down early.

Jan Jelinek is one of the premiere electronic musicians in the world. His latest album Kosmischer Pitch is a stunning meditation on looping beats, glorious drones and dubby sounds. For this tour, he will be with multi-instrumentalist Andrew Pekler (a/k/a Sad Rockets) and drummer Hanno Leichtmann. This will be their US debut.

Modeselektor make live party music . Using MCs like TTC or Jamaican singer Paul St. Hillaire, the duo create live, edgy electronic funk (visit their website for a streaming live set as a sample). Modeselektor is Szary and Gernot. Their acclaimed CD debut Hello Mom! is on Ellen Allien's BPitch Control label.

Throughout the night, DJs from FESS will provide the rest of the sounds.

In case of cancellation, refunds can be provided.

Some tickets will also be released day of show. This purchase guarantees entry. For other questions: drop us an email.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This is Six: FT PNT NYE05

The best part of the Holidays is NYE.
A chance to cut loose with your
closest friends until sunrise.

This 31 December

sQuare productions presents a

night to remember
in the Fort Point Channel


DJs Erik Pearson & David Day
visuals/design by sQuare

open bar all night / bartender
prosecco toast at midnight

Fort Point Channel

Limit 4 tickets per person

Pay via PayPal (below) to ensure entry
Your name will be on the list + your # of guests
No name, no entry
Limited capacity

Limited Tickets Available at the Door

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Isolée at the Middlesex Lounge

Well, we're puttin on a show. It's Thursday 22 September and it's with new-sound of Isolée (aka Rajko Mueller), who will produce layered but physical dance music live before your eyes. Also playing: Rainbow Bright (aka Mike Uzzi and Jay Flower) live and DJ Caulder.

We have done this a bit last-minute, but we are happy to have Isolée on board (in fact, we have been known to refer to his newest album Wearemonster as "“best album of the decade"). Here are a few tracks of strictly promotional material. Do not resell har:

Beau Mot Plage was Isolée's first smash hit. As in, like everyone was playing it, from househeads like Derrick Carter to trancier types like Danny Tenaglia. But it came from the underground:

Isolée - "Beau Mot Plage"

Then Rajko took a few years off, playing live and doing a host of classic remixes. He returned to the esteemed Playhouse label and released a brilliant single:

Isolée - "Can't Sleep All Night"

But it wasn't until this year's We Are Monster when Isolée really took off. The album has been rumoured to be licensed for America by everyone from the DFA to Domino. It is simply a glorious transformation of dance music into a melodious mess of beats and sound. Online taste-makers like Pitchforkmedia and Stylus Magazine (written by sQuare ally and scribe Michael F. Gill) were panting with excitement.

Consider "My Hi-Matic," a track that breathes and bleeds. Count the melodies you hear. There's at least 20. And the whole time, that pulse grows, swings and returns. It's like magic, what this guy does. And 22 September, he'll do it live:

Isolée - "My Hi-Matic"

His "Enrico" was put on the Dawn disc of our handmade promotional Square Sound II which many of you have.

Buy music from Isolée (We Are Monster is thoroughly lovely) at Forced Exposure:


Opening are local electro-artisans Rainbow Bright, whose own monster "The Rollah" is about to storm dancefloors. Run for your life.

Tickets to Isolée at the Middlesexlounge will be kept at the door that night under your name. We'll move the furniture downstairs so there'll be plenty of room.

Each ticket costs $12.00. There is no guest list. Capacity is limited, so buy now. Once they're gone, they're gone. We're doing it through paypal, sorry if that's a hassle.

There is a maximum of 4 tickets per purchase.

Rainbow Bright
DJ Caulder

Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA

September 22nd, 2005
9pm - 2am